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Attention all Prospective Employers!

Of all the species in the world, only human beings have been foolish enough to invent jobs, computers and the need to program them. This is why I think the term code monkey is insulting towards monkeys. Monkeys had the foresight to avoid meetings that could have been emails, back pain and even JavaScript. But here we are, so:

I am seeking great people to do software engineering work with. I can offer my authentic interest 🧠 a positive attitude 🌞 and commitment to growth 🌱.

Please find my resume here for your reading pleasure. Ever since I was a teen, I have been in love with computer science, from the most theoretical to the most pragmatic aspects. Like all long term relationships there are of course ebs and flows. But my dedication to the craft has never waned.

My preferred stack is TypeScript, Node, React, AWS and PostGres. I have also worked on production systems in Python, C#, C, Golang, Ruby, Angular, Vue and many many other things, but I prefer to stick with Typescript as I have become quite fond of it and am developing some tools to make it even better. However if there is a chance to work with Haskell or a Lisp variant I would take it.

I am especially interested in programming language design and tooling, in particular using large language models/transformers. My bread and butter is applying domain driven design and event sourcing to really complex domains. Additionally anything related to building a better internet - peer to peer protocols, semantic web, distributed data structures (CRDTs), content addressable protocols (IPFS) and graph data structures.

Im looking for jobs that are fully remote, with flexible hours. I want to work on teams with focused leadership, an asynchronous workflow with minimal overhead and a commitment to following industry best practices.

Experience Spotlight πŸ”¦

Below is a random selection of my past jobs, clients and side projects.
You can find most of my projects on Github.
This section needs to be updated.

photo of my school bus camper

School Bus Camper

I took a year off to convert a school bus camper. I learned about welding, metalworking, laser cutting, CNC, woodworking, solar power, home automation, mechanical, CAD, diesel engines, biodiesel production, plumbing, HVAC and so many other things. I wrote a handbook (work in progress) and collected data on everything. I also took a wilderness first responder course and skiied across north america.

Qualio logo


In the first half of my tenure, I helped upgrade our core application with a high availability containerized architecture and ci/cd pipeline on AWS. During the second half, I helped develop an application to automate customer onboarding, greatly reducing manual work across the company.

photo of 3D printed PPE made by me


Early in the pandemic I produced hundreds of 3d printed face shields for social workers in my area. I launched, an open source initiative with 47 contributors in order to improve information sharing and collaboration between small scale PPE producers.

Ping logo


Ping is a simple alternative to live chat built for solo-entrepreneurs, startups and local business, connecting them to their customers via sms.

Huckleberry logo


Huckleberry is a real estate discovery platform. We build tools and experiences that improve the way consumers discover and interact with real estate.

Huckleberry Site
ConstructionHub logo

Construction Hub

ConstructionHub is a sub-contractor bid management platform in British Columbia. I led a team of 5 developers, rewriting and launching V2 of the platform after it had achieved some initial success.

Atlas Property Group logo

Atlas Property Group

Atlas managed thousands of rental units in Ontario. I overhauled their IT infrastructure, from sales funnels and online presence to backend systems and security controls. I established process-focused digitization initiatives across all departments and performed an IT asset audit during the acquisition of tech startup Dormr.

Emrys Analytics Logo

Emrys Analytics

I helped develop an insurance underwriting application for underwriting insurance policies in the healthcare industry. We transformed preliminary spreadsheet models into a desktop application suite and underwriting engine. We also laid out the technical requirements to launch an autonomous vehicle insurance program at Ford. I contributed to a white paper design of an insurance platform supplied by telemetry data from vehicles.

Diebold Nixdorf logo

Diebold Nixdorf

My first software internship was at Diebold Nixdorf, a large manufacturer of bank machines and point of sale systems. My role in the architecture team was to research and build PoCs of various tech – Redis, WebRTC, Angular, HTTP/2 and Cordova. I was mentored through the design of a session management and security integration middleware built on Redis.

Law Dataset logo

Law Dataset

We provide the most comprehensive database of legal professionals in Canada. CASL compliant sales outreach enriched with exclusive information useful for lead qualification.

O2 Canada mask

O2 Canada

With a mission to help people breathe cleaner air, O2 Canada produces the next generation of air polution masks. We designed the concept for a cryptocurrency funding and governance system for their non-profit.

MDMax app screenshot

MDMax Billing

MDMax Is a PHIPA compliant SaaS solution which simplifies the billing process for physicians across Ontario. It uses text recognition to automatically process and validate PHI on billing sheets.

MowGoSnowGo app screenshot


MowGoSnowGo is an app that provides on-demand lawn care and snow removal services in southern Ontario.

3DStream Logo


3DStream is an industrial additive manufacturing (3D Printing) management solution which streamlines the workflow of commercial 3D fabrication. I advised them on their tech and strategy.

Hexigent Consulting Logo

Hexigent Consulting

I performed a variety of data sanitization and statistical analysis tasks for a forensics team working on a cyber crime class action.

ALR Accounting Logo

ALR Accounting

Before my software career I worked as part time at an accounting firm, helping with IT admin and bookkeeping.

DeltaFi Logo

Ξ” F I

I started Ξ” F I in high school as a way to combine my passion for music and technology. I received a grant to design and build hardware tools (synthesizers).