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Here and Now 🧘

Howdy! I am a product driven software engineer and former co-founder in search of work. I started my career designing hardware and writing C code 10 years ago, however most of my work has been in full stack software engineering. My experience is quite diverse - I have led development teams, built a successful consulting business, brought multiple products to market and have delivered consistent quality work for fast-growing tech companies.

I live by three core principles:

#1 a great company culture supersedes a great mission

#2 the hardest problems in tech are almost always people problems

#3 Quality OR Speed is a false dichotomy. Quality IS Speed

My current side project revolves around machine learning and programming language design. Im using Rust/WebGPU and LLMs to create a human-AI pair programming environment.

My resume can be found here. I am in search of the next big project.

last update on February 2023

Experience Spotlight 🔦

Below is a selection of my past jobs, clients and side projects.
Additionally you can find my projects on Github.

pal repository screenshot

PAL Programming Language

PAL is a long term Human-AI pair programming languge / IDE research project, involving Neurosymbolic AI, HCI, programming language design and knowledge representation. It began with a study of the history of computing, an analysis of prior work like Smalltalk Squeak, Lambda Calculus, and the works of great thinkers like Ted Nelson and Alan Kay. There are a number of related repos on my github.

anytype application screenshot


end to end encrypted, offline first and open source, Anytype is the best privacy focused knowledge management tool you will find. As a senior software engineer I helped achieve our public launch objective, developing a number of awesome features, fixing bugs and engaging with users on the community forums.

Qualio logo


In the first half of my tenure, I helped upgrade our core monolith with a high availability containerized architecture and ci/cd pipeline on AWS, laying the groundwork for microservices. During the second half, I helped develop an application to automate customer onboarding, greatly reducing manual work across the company.

Emrys Analytics Logo

Emrys Analytics

I led the development of our underwriting engine and application, facilitating insurance policies for 84 healthcare institutions. We transformed preliminary spreadsheet models into a comprehensive underwriting engine. We also laid out the technical requirements to launch an autonomous vehicle insurance program at Ford. I contributed to a white paper design of an insurance platform supplied by telemetry data from vehicles.

Diebold Nixdorf logo

Diebold Nixdorf

My role in the architecture team was to research and build stress tests for various technologies – Redis, WebRTC and HTTP/2. I was mentored through the design of a session management and security integration middleware built on Redis, used in ATMs servicing millions of customers.

Ping logo


As the CTO/cofounder of Huckleberry, I built and continue to support Ping - A simple SaaS alternative to live chat built for solo-entrepreneurs, startups and local business, connecting them to their customers via sms.

Huckleberry logo


As the CTO, I built our real estate discovery web extension, mobile app and data backend. We raised a seed round and built a team. I managed 12 coops and 4 contractors over the course of 2 years.

photo of my school bus camper

School Bus Camper

I took some time off to convert a school bus camper. I learned a ton of hands-on skills to prepare for the impending apocalypse, including welding, metalwork, carpentry, electrical/solar, CAD, automotive repair, biodiesel production, sewing, plumbing and more. I wrote a handbook (work in progress) and collected data on everything. I also built a custom CNC machine, took a wilderness first responder course and skied across north america.

photo of 3D printed PPE made by me


Early in the pandemic I produced hundreds of 3d printed face shields for social workers in my area. I launched, an open source initiative with 47 contributors in order to improve information sharing and collaboration between small scale PPE producers.

DeltaFi Logo


I started deltafi at age 17 as a way to combine my passion for music and technology. I received a grant to design and build hardware tools. I built an embedded linux PureData patch system, an AVR8 based midi controller and a number of analog synthesizer modules.

Law Dataset logo

Law Dataset

I productized the most comprehensive database of legal professionals in Canada and sold it to dozens of customers. I built out a CASL compliant sales outreach dataset enriched with public info useful for lead qualification, compiled from over a dozen different sources.

RCO Ventures

RCO Ventures

I helped dozens of customers solve business problems as a consultant. I built a customer base large enough to sustain one full time employee and 3 part time contractors. I developed a number of applications, websites and software solutions. Some of my past clients include Toggl, MUTEK, O2 Canada, ONE Wellness Group, Legalline, Enercents, Cyberium and Absolute Coaching.

Atlas Property Group logo

Atlas Property Group

Atlas managed thousands of rental units in Ontario. I overhauled their IT infrastructure, from sales funnels and online presence to backend systems and security controls. I established process-focused digitization initiatives across all departments and performed an IT asset audit during the acquisition of tech startup Dormr.

ConstructionHub logo


ConstructionHub is a sub-contractor bid management platform in British Columbia. I led a team of 5 developers, rewriting and launching V2 of the platform after it had achieved some initial success.

MDMax app screenshot

MDMax Billing (

MDMax Is a PHIPA compliant medical billing SaaS. I built out a service to perform text recognition for automatically processing billing sheets, developed its kubernetes-based infrastructure and maintained the mobile app.

MowGoSnowGo app screenshot


MowGoSnowGo is a mobile app that provides on-demand house care services. I designed, developed and continue to maintain the application.

3DStream Logo


3DStream is an industrial additive manufacturing (3D Printing) management solution which streamlines the workflow of commercial 3D fabrication. I advised the founders on their tech and strategy, helping design their architecture.

Hexigent Consulting Logo

Hexigent Consulting

I performed a variety of data sanitization and statistical analysis tasks for a forensics team working on a cybercrime class action lawsuit.

ALR Accounting Logo

ALR Accounting

Before my software career I worked part time at an accounting firm for 5 years, fulfilling IT Admin and bookkeeping duties.